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Hey there, 

Coach Halley here.

Marketing & Confidence Coach 
for empathic entrepreneurs

I help you overcome fears & doubt,

trust your inner-authority, and

create authentic marketing content

that gets you more clients & money.

Feeling Overwhelmed ?

Grab my free guided-visualization recording to connect with your inner sacred space.

Don't skip this! Clients have claimed this meditation practice has changed their lives.

Now more than ever, we need empathic, conscious business owners to share your message and make an impact in the world. Your clients need you, and so does the world.

Let's get down to business!

With my professional background in marketing, communications and web design, I can help you:

  • Define your purpose & mission

  • Clarify your offers & messaging

  • Create a plan to market & sell

And, as a certified Intuition Medicine® spiritual coach, I am also uniquely poised to help you:

  • Clear out old patterns of resistance & fear

  • Connect & follow your intuition

  • Courageously get visible & trust the unknown


What Client Are Saying About

Working with Halley


As a solo entrepreneur, you'll have to figure out your mission statement, how to understand your customer, and make sure you’re always making calls to action. Halley is great with all those marketing skills.  But the reason why Halley is awesome is because she can also meet you as a human being with a spirit and a heart that has fears of succeeding.  Working with Halley was truly transformational. She was able to help me use concrete strategies to develop and market my business. Even better she helped me with the emotional support and grounding that I needed to make my dreams become a reality. She's also a fabulous networker. I definitely wouldn't be where I am today if hadn't had the fortune of working with her.

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 I had an idea of how I wanted to grow my business, and Halley immediately helped me gain the confidence to do so. In our meetings we created a map together so I could finally put my dreams into action. She also followed up with me along the way to provide helpful advice on how to keep my projects flowing. Halley is unique in that she works intuitively with her clients, and I felt that she just got me in a way that I haven't experienced with other business coaches. I feel so much more empowered after working with her and would highly recommend her to an entrepreneur seeking guidance on how to jump start their new business idea or personal branding.


I worked with Halley as a coaching client. In the six months that I worked with Halley, she greatly supported me in working on my money mindset and working on strategies to support myself and my business. With the help of her marketing skillset, she was also more than happy to help hone any communications messaging I was working on. Her ideas were great and I continue to use her language in our messaging today. Not only did she understand the marketing side of things, she also helped me get into my body, understand why I think and feel how I do, and overcome the emotional barriers I was dealing with as a startup founder.

My Promise to You


Book your complimentary strategy session.  The first session is always on me.  ​Whatever you are working through, the first step is reaching out for help. And I know that can be the hardest part. It's easy to spiral into negative ideas, or thinking that you need to do everything on your own.

I get it!  I've been there.  I have worked with business coaches that were either over priced, or just didn't get me. I hit a wall. I felt totally hopeless. My business finally started to work when I allowed myself to create my own approach--one geared toward being an empathic human, instead of following a soul-less, business blueprint.


I know that building a successful business is all about trust. When you trust in yourself to invest, commit to your vision, and move through your fears with courage, that is when true transformation happens.

What do ya say? Let's Do this!

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