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Halley Claire Bass     Intuitive Business Coach

Envision.  Magnetize.  Manifest  

I’m Halley, branding and marketing maven.

Inviting you into the magic of your creativity.

There is nothing more powerful than owning your message.


Making money doing what you love and asking people to pay you for that is one of the most courageous acts you could take in life.  For it paves new pathways, creates a new paradigm for business as we know it, and inspires others to also give their unique gifts to the world.


For me, business is a spiritual journey, and is one that is as much about personal growth as it is about creating a sustainable product or service that will bring you security and freedom. 


I believe people choose the entrepreneurial path not because it is easy,

but because they want MORE FROM LIFE..  I have always know that,


There is more to this life than what meets the eye.

I’ve tried to fit myself into boxes. I studied marketing in college, thinking it was the “practical” thing to do. Heck…I even got a job as a social media consultant. It was fun having a stable job after college. I worked my way up, got a few raises, and created a lot of cool campaigns.


But it was four years later where I quit my job and left to backpack in India…because I felt called to…and there was no other choice for me, but to follow that calling. I roamed the crazy streets of India, found myself in ashrams and Temples, and even got my message from spirit that my next move was to go to graduate school and study to be an expressive arts therapist. But guess what? That dream quickly flew away with the wind when I became depressed because...


I was too radical for an institutionalized career path.

Now, I have a business where I get to be fully me! I have combined my passion for

spiritual growth, business strategy, web design, and marketing to craft my own unique brand.

We are creating the road as we go

I believe you already know the offers, the messages, and the right path to take. 

You just need assistance to clarify the words, create the strategy, and birth your vision into fruition.


YOU have all the answers through your intuition.


I’m just here to help you access that.

 To develop a brand, message, and social media marketing plan that magnetizes your ideal clients,

uplevels the value of your offers, and finally aligns with the success and abundance that you are already on your way to creating.

Interested?  Let’s Talk.