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You take the road less traveled.

You create the path.

You know there is another way.


Creating money doing something you love and asking people to pay you for your soul gifts is one of the most courageous acts you could take in life.  It requires you to step up in your leadership, get extremely vulnerable, and dare I say...do something that's never been done before!


For me, business is as much a spiritual journey as it is one of manifestation in the material world.  It is as much about personal growth as it is about creating a service that gives both you the freedom to be who you are, and gives the world a gift of evolution.


The new paradigm of entrepreneurship is more than marketing formulas and sales funnels.


It's about the journey of self-actualization.

It's about living out your truth, following your intuition, and expressing a message that is fully aligned with your authentic self. 



The journey supersedes the destination.


I started my career in marketing, thinking it was the practical thing to do.

I worked in the field of marketing & communications for over a decade doing everything from managing large social media campaigns for corporations like HP, Adobe, and Sony...to creating websites, newsletters and social content for small businesses and non-profits.  

I loved marketing because it was all about getting the message across, so that people feel inspired to participate.


The only problem is that my soul was calling me to a larger purpose. 

About six years into my career, I quit my job and left to backpack in India…because I felt called to…and there was no other choice for me, but to follow that calling. I roamed the crazy streets of India, found myself in ashrams and Temples, and even got a very clear message that my next move was to go to graduate school and study to be an expressive arts therapist. But after a year in, I dropped out with no plan.


I was too radical for an institutionalized career path.

I could see how the system was already so broken, and my heart couldn't stand it. 

I knew there had to be a better way, but that I also had to create it. 

Now, I have a business where I get to be fully me, and I am here to guide you to do the same!

You have all the answers through your intuition.

Your soul already knows the offerings, message, and the exact right path you need to take to live your best life, while making the world a better place.

I am your guide, helping you to tune in and find

The the words to share your message

The courage to create the strategy that works for you


The confidence to design your business with its most authentic expression of you

Are you ready to get in touch with your intuition now?

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