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Marketing & Confidence Coach
At Your Service

You take the road less traveled.

You create the path.

You know there is another way.


Creating money and staying true to your values can sometimes feel conflicting. 

It requires you to step up in your leadership, get comfortable with the unknown, and to believe in something that has never been done before!


The new paradigm of conscious business is more than marketing formulas and sales funnels. It's about discovering what is possible through human connection and living out your values.

It's about trusting in humanity, following your intuition, and clearly articulating a message that solves real world problems.

It's an inside job that requires listening, understanding, and believing in your mission.


By following my intuition, I discovered my mission is to bring about change for humanity through business.

I started my career in the field of marketing & communications and for over a decade I have been doing everything from managing large social media campaigns for corporations like HP, Adobe, and creating websites, newsletters and social content for small businesses and non-profits.  

I love marketing because it is all about getting the message across,

so that people feel inspired to participate.

Six years into my marketing career, however, my soul was calling me to look deeper for the meaning of life. So I left my corporate job and backpacked through India…found myself in ashrams and Temples...and for the next seven years I focused on personal growth.  I received both my 200 hour certification in Yoga Teacher Training, as well as my Master Certification in Intuition Medicine®.  Both of these trainings gave me  a different kind of leadership experience, one that is focused on human potential.

As I opened up my empathic side, I realized I had shut down my greatest strength of listening and connecting with the real world problems.

I could see how I had shut down my emotions in order to survive in the world.   

I knew there had to be a better way, but that I also had to create it. 

So I created my coaching business to help entrepreneurs market their mission-driven businesses. 

I listened and felt their challenges.

At the core of it is believing there is a way forward.​

I found that many people already knew the problem they were here to solve, but they couldn't find the words to say it, and they lacked the confidence and know-how to put themselves out there and bring their ​concept to market.

That's where my mission comes in.

I am your guide, helping you to tune in and find:

The the words to share your message

The courage to get visible &

The authentic path of marketing that connects you to your ideal clients.

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