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Embracing YOUnique

No more formulas to success.

The roadmap is created for, with, and by YOU!

It's time for your true brilliance to shine.

You have a very important message

to share with the world.

It's time for you to be seen for your true gifts.

I am here to help. Our sessions provide a productive and creative space to both express challenges, release obstacles, as well as create practical solutions for your business & life.


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Book Your First

Clarity Session


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6 Hour VIP

Strategy Day


€1,000 ~ $1,175


1 hour Remote

Energy Healing


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6 Coaching Sessions

Save 50

+ Bonus website audit

 Smallest Package for New Clients 


2 Coaching Sessions


Exclusively for current clients


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VIP Package:

12 sessions

+ Bonus 3hr strategy session

+ unlimited email support

+ Bonus website audit

Best Value

Let's Talk! Book your complimentary clarity session to get started.


A Note on Sacred Reciprocity & Pricing

Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.  In an effort to restore balance on this planet, and repair the wounds of our capitalistic culture, I have decided to price my offerings lower than what I was taught in the coaching industry.


We still live in a society where money is needed, and so my pricing carefully considers my time, the energy and investments I have made in my own education & training to best serve you, as well as what I need to sustain my business and life.

The best value is to invest in six months of coaching, because the path ahead to commiting to your dreams is a long road.  Six months gives you the foundation to set the wheels into motion and gain momentum to start living into your potential.

Coaching is an investment that has exponential impact on your life.  When you invest your time, money, and energy in receiving the benefits that coaching can offer, you will experience a lifetime of rewards for the work you put in during out time together.


The first step is to book a call to see if we are a good fit.

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Want to get to know me?

You can also read about me section &

 testimonials here.

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