Grab Your Top 10 Ways to Be the Brand Guide

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Single Breakthrough Session (1.5 hours)

Are you stuck on trying to figure something out, but can't come to a conclustion?  I will listen, reflect, and support you in a guided meditation into your inner knowing.  Together we will get clear on what is keeping you stuck in the moment, and create a short-term game plan to move forward!

Align With Your Vision (6 sessions)

With Six sessions, we can begin to go deeper into what it is you are trying to create.  We will take inventory of the current landscape of your life, and create a gameplan to tackle the challenges you are encountering.  I will guide you to understand how to contact your intuition as you align more with your creative power.   

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Reach The Next Level (12 Sessions)

Dive deep into who you are, what you want to create, and how you are going to tackle it.  Every other week we will meet to discuss your goals, create a game plan, and hold you accountable to take action.  In the face of adversity, we will work together to discover what is getting in your way, and I will guide you back to your intuition.  Together we will co-create your reality to reflect what you truly desire!  This is the best package for entrepreneurs, and for those who want to go through a shift in behaviors to get you to the next level of your potential. 

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