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For creative, heart-centered beings,

who are ready to fully live your dhamra, 

grow your dream business, and fully lead with your intuition.

 The Intuitive Path 

 to Business 

Own Your Purpose : Live Your Dharma

Create Your Business From a Place of  True Listening

 That is the Intuitive Path to Business 

A 9 Month Journey Where:

I give you the business strategies that work:

Develop Signature Offering so that you can create re-occuring income

Engage & Build Your Audience so that you have a community who is ready to hire you

Create Content Strategy so that you know what to write about and can show up consistently as a leader


Then you make the final decisions with intuitive practices:


Inner-Guidance Meditations

Clearing Fears & Blocks

Business Flow For Women is an 8-week gathering for soul-inspired business owners. 

Each week, we will meet virtually over Zoom,

and you will be guided through practices that help you to:

Access your inner guidance

Let go of negative thought patterns, and

Step into action with a new business strategy


Naturally, your energy and intuition will begin to attract the positive outcomes you desire:


Dream customers, More income, and Helping more people!

This is why I have designed a program to support entrepreneurs like you to focus on:

Your value plan -- so you can be specific with your monetary goals and make sure they align with the value of your offering.  Most importantly, KNOW and FEEL that YOU ARE WORTHY of all you desire to create.

Your irresistible offering that will be fun to create and sell - because it's been on your mind long enough, it's time to put it out there! Whether it's a talk, an offering, a book, or a course, we'll start to create!

A process to remove limiting beliefs and replace them with positive affirmations - So you can say goodbye to your fears and doubts and focus on navigating where you want to go.

Your mission and vision for the business, and a plan for putting yourself out there more - So you can serve the people you are meant to serve on a bigger scale

A powerful visualization meditation - supporting the health of your energy, intentions, and trusting your intuition.

Accountability with other women - because together, we rise in our power.

I get it.  I've been there. 

When I first started my business, I tried so hard to take action, but kept holding back for fear I was doing something wrong.  I spent too many hours comparing myself to what everyone else was doing, rather than making a plan on what would work for my business.

I finally realized I could not grow my business, unless I focused on what I desired to create, defined the unique value I was providing, and then courageously took action without trying to control the outcome. 

And even after receiving business coaching, what I found was missing was the spiritual aspect of how to shift my energy system so that I could remove whatever creative blocks were preventing me from taking action.

"Halley has a wealth of knowledge to offer and has you leaving a session with the right questions to ask yourself, so that you can start to see your vision come into fruition”  


-- Leanna Jane Lewis

Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

"After just a couple of calls with Halley, I felt more confident about and in tune with my vision for my business. She helped me really think about what was holding me back and how to move past it. With a short meditation, a few simple exercises to do on my own, and Halley holding space for me to explore my thoughts, I felt more and more clarity each time we talked. She made a huge difference in the business shifts I made last year.”  


-- Kimberly Buchanon

Health & Wellness Coach

To feel truly abundant in the world...we must first imagine that

we already have all the resources that we need.

That is why I have designed Business Flow For Women,

so that, together, we can learn to access the energy inside of ourselves that will guide us in:

Making the right business moves that lead to results

Tap our creativity and enjoyment

Experience the flow of love that is all around us


Believe it or not...

you can also do this with ease,

creating time and space for family and everything else that matters in your world.

You might is that possible?  The doubts continue to trickle in...

“In order to be successful, I have to work harder and spend more time on my business”

“I’ll never be like Marie Forleo or any of those famous online business moguls, so what’s the point?”

“Business is supposed to be separate from my pleasure”

“Social Media is totally not for how else can I succeed?"

If you continue to hold onto limiting thoughts, your doubts and fears will take the driver’s seat, and send your energy plummeting.


It's time to get creative and harness the power of your intuition. 

Release your fears, doubts, and frustrations.

 It's time to focus on why you are willing and able to create the business-life flow that is working toward everything you love and desire. 


This is the path to freedom.


If you've ever heard the phrase, Where your thoughts go is where energy flows - then you are going to fully understand Why Energy Matters when it comes to your life and business success.  


This eight week program will finally give you the chance to both practically and spiritually come into relationship with your business.  


Everything from...

how much you charge,

your business mission

 networking, and

where to find clients

will finally start to click...

AND, you'll have tools to bring your energy along for the ride,

so taking action won't feel so challenging.

This is really the full package business coaching program

you have been waiting for.

Business Flow For Women is for you if:


You are ready to tackle those limiting beliefs that have prevented you from taking action or growing your business

You want to express yourself more authentically in your business (enough of those fake FB ads that don’t resonate---it’s time to do your business, YOUR way!)

You demand your business must be enjoyable and won’t settle for anything less than what feels good to you

You are tired of “over-thinking” and are ready to FOCUS on what matters most to your business - YOU, your health, and happiness!

You want to gain clarity on your message for the world, so you can be in service to more people

You know that self-love is a priority, so that you can tackle challenges in your life and business with more inner-strength and affirmation

You know that your business is meant to be soulfully-inspired, not just something that will pay the bills (although that’s a great perk of business!)

You crave participation in a group program that both touches on spirituality but also practical action steps that you can execute in your business

You want to feel more flow and abundance in your life and business (enough talk about how money is “not spiritual”’s time to develop a healthy relationship with money, so it can flow to you,  just as much as the love you give to your clients and business)




The Course-Work Break Down



Module One: Foundations: Grounding, Meditation Sanctuary, and the Chakra anatomy 101.

Module Two:  Chakra One - Know Your Worth + Your Business Value Proposition & Money plan

Module Three:  Chakra Two - Cultivate Creativity + Designing An offer that You Love Selling

Module Four:  Chakra Three - Tackle Limiting Beliefs + Action toward your Goals

Module Five:  Chakra Four - Self Love +  Networking with Your Ideal Clients

Module Six:  Chakra Five - Sharing Your Voice + Crafting your Visibility Plan

Module Seven:  Chakra Six - Imagining Your Ideal Vision +  Prioritzing

Module Eight:  Chakra Seven - Surrender to the Flow by Trusting Your Plan

“I am really grateful for the way Halley helped me think about my business in a new way.  She helped me approach my blocks around making money and helped me believe in myself.  She really provided the support and tools I needed to get started with my acupuncture business.”


-- Dana Becker

Licensed Accupuncture &  Herbalist

Halley has an amazing understanding of human experience. Her care and wisdom show in every conversation.  She also helped me parcel out my thoughts and organize my newsletter content, and gave me great feedback about marketing that I continue to use. She knows her stuff when it comes to the business, and is a great coach!


-- Nathalie Savell

Step Mom Coach & Licensed Therapist

What You'll Get:


Two months of time with me to work-through the Business Flow modules, receiving feedback and group coaching over Zoom.


One 90 minute live call on Zoom, each week, where we will spend time supporting each other through challenges, and then also learn about one new business strategy.

Guided action steps, each week, to focus on a different aspect of your energy and implementation in your business.

A private and intimate Facebook group for the 12 soul-inspired women who are a part of this group.  Use the group to connect about your businesses and get coaching from me online throughout the week.

One 45 minute coaching call with me, to be sure you are staying on track and getting what you. need in the program.

Skills and support for your business and life,  that will last you a lifetime!

As the saying goes...

Your business can only thrive as far as you can imagine it will go!  

But there’s one little problem with this...


You keep hearing those nagging demons in your head saying...



“My offering won’t be desirable enough to make a living at this”

“How will I ever have the time to balance family and my business?”

“No one wants to hear what I have to say”

“My message is not clever enough to put it out there"

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