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A daylong transformational experience

for women entrepreneurs 

In this daylong workshop, we'll address the biggest issues that hold women entrepreneurs back—Imposter Syndrome, Comparative Mind, and Scarcity.  Then, we'll tap into your most powerful creative source through intuitive painting.

In the morning, you'll explore how to own your 

Authenticity & Brand through painting and dialogue, followed by an afternoon uncovering limiting beliefs and patterns so that you can discover what comes through your intuition without judgement, and tap into your inner-knowing. 

By the end of the day you'll feel connected with 

Confidence, Strength, and Power

as a Business Woman so that you can attract more money, feel more free to be you, and listen more closely to your intuitive guidance.  


Gather with amazing women business owners to break through what holds you back, and access your clarity, power, and intuition. 

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Halley Claire Bass

Julee Winterbourne

Founder of Reclaiming Studios: Expressive Arts Experience & Executive Coach for Professional Women

Business and Personal Branding Coach for Solo Entrepreneurs


Beautiful Young Artist

We created this workshop to smash the patriarchy and remind women of their creative and intuitive power.  

  • Do you ever feel like your business needs to be more "perfect"?

  • Do you ever feel like your branding is "not good enough"

  • Do you ever feel if you only had more time/money/???, you'd finally be "the woman you want to be?"  

—Truth is, no matter where you are in your business, limiting beliefs can block your path to success: scarcity, comparative mindset, and feelings of unworthiness can all get in the way of realizing your unlimited potential.

The system we live in was designed to keep you playing small.  But once you get a taste of your power, you will see just how little all of that matters.  The strategy, the blueprint, the plan all come together when you have that deep connection with your intuitive power and trust in the unknown.  

Between Halley and Julee's coaching and teaching expertise, we are prepared to guide you on a journey out of the doubt cycle and into your true, authentic power through guided meditation, facilitated dialogue, and expressive painting.

Walk away from this daylong workshop tapped into the intuitive magic of your inner knowing and strength of your creative power.  

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