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Benefits of Grounding

Photo Cred:  Kwame Anim

So what is grounding, you ask?

Imagine a tree...imagine the routes going down into the Earth. Imagine during a crazy storm, wind, rain blowing the tree every which way. But how to does the tree stay standing? Because its roots grow deep deep down, holding it together.

This is the same idea of grounding. From an intuitive medicine perspective, we use grounding to keep us feeling stable and strong throughout the day. Whether it's going to many meetings throughout the day, traveling on public transportation, being in a high-stimulation environment, or having a stressful conversation with a colleague or loved-one....grounding can keep you feeling connected with yourself and give you energetic strength to keep you in alignment with yourself.

Here are some key benefits of grounding:

- Keeps your energy strong throughout the day

- Keeps you connected with yourself

- Reduces anxiety and stress

- Gives you strength to stay in integrity

- Supports you to stay focused

- Allows you to take command of a room

- Provides a channel to let go of unwanted energy

How to ground? Visualize a "grounding cord" going down from the base of your spine to the core center of the Earth. This cord can be anything from a rope with an anchor, it can be a chain, it can be a beam of light, it can be an emanation of get to use your imagination to visualize this cord. As it goes down into the center of Earth, notice how you feel in your body. Notice your feet feeling more firmly planted on the Earth.

You can use this practice any time you are feeling anxious, having trouble focusing, or feeling intense emotions. This line of energy helps you to stay connected with the Earth, which can hold and compost any energy that is "too much" for you. It can literally hold you upright, like a tree...and give you strength to be more of yourself in any situation!

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