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Stepping Into The Unknown

Why in the heck would anyone sane want to "step into the unknown", when they could plan their whole life out, play by play, just the way they wanted it to be?

Well, for one, it's really FUN! When you step into the unknown, you get full reign to create your reality, in the moment. Without any plans, you can get to see the power of your intentions, and you are forced to stay present with whatever is in front of you. Because you have NO IDEA what is going to unfold!

I have become an expert an stepping into the unknown. After college, I moved to Austin,Texas knowing no one. I had to rely on my inner-resourcefulness to network, get a job, and find a place to live. And by all manifested within the timespan of a few months. There was no secret to my success other than just following my intuition and trusting. The list goes on...two years later, I moved to Berkeley, California...also, knowing no one. I left my job of four years and backpacked through India...alone. When I returned, I started graduate school...but that was too much structure for me. Being a revolutionary...I didn't have enough freedom to be me. So, I LEFT GRADUATE SCHOOL...and that's when the THE BIGGEST UNKOWN of my life took place. I didn't have a career path anymore. I didn't feel called to any destination. I had some vague ideas of who I wanted to be...but there was no one there to give me the roadmap. I had to figure it out all myself! And guess what I learned...this ENTIRE LIFE JOURNEY IS ONE GIANT MYSTERY!! Every day, we step into a big giant unknown, thinking we have control, when really we dont.

So...have you been thinking about leaving your job because you are unhappy? Picking up and moving somewhere new because you want a change? Are you in a life transition that is forcing you to up-level, and YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO EXPECT?! Well...congrats! THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT!

I's scary. It can get lonely if you've chosen to take a leap of faith and do something different. A majority of people will follow the beaten path because it's easier.

But guess what...There's limitless possibility awaiting you in the unknown! You get to learn how to trust yourself and the Universe! And you get to GROW!

There IS always light at the end of the Tunnel. But you must:

- Learn to trust

- Be open to possibility

- Take full responsibility

- Let go of your mind that wants answers and control

I can support you will ALL OF THESE! Because I've done it time and time again. I will guide you to be more in your body, trust your intuition more, and have fun in the process! THE WORLD IS TRULY YOUR join me in the adventure!

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Photo Cred:   Joshua Sortino

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