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Choose Your Journey

Happy 2018! I want to know...did you jump on the bandwagon and create a new year's resolution? If you said yes, I want to know what it is, and how I can support you to keep at it this year. I personally LOVE the idea of getting a clean slate...because it psychologically allows us to forgive, let go of what is not working, and see the road ahead with optimism. I'm totally a fan of all of this...but what happens when life goes on, we lose the wheel, and forget that we even made a resolution at all? This year, my resolution is to help as many people as possible to commit to themselves and create the life they know they desire. (yup...this includes me too!) The reason I added coaching to my repertoire of services is because I finally let myself do the thing I had wanted to do years ago! But reality, as we all know, is not as shiny when we take the rose colored glasses off. I had so many negative beliefs about being a coach, that I didn't let myself do the thing that would have me shine the most! I finally listened to the small voice in my head that said...You must CHOOSE YOUR matter what resistences are standing in the way. There is no other way to do life than be your best self! Doing what matters most to us is not an "easy" path...why do you think we only make resolutions once a year? So today, in light of the new year, I not only want to invite you to write down your resolution, but write down why it matters to you to make this change, and write down the action steps you will take this year to commit to your resolution. Feel free to send it over to me with a :-) ! And..., if part of your resolution is to empower yourself to make more money doing what you love, to get yourself out there and create a brand for your business that you absolutely love, OR...if you just want to live with more joy and success in 2018...I have opened up a handful of slots on my calendar to offer a free strategy session, so I can support you in taking action and committing in a big way! IT is possible to CHOOSE YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR WAY, and enjoy the ride! You just gotta say yes, and be willing to do the thing that scares you. I can help you make the leap. Let's do this together. Sign up for your strategy session here. Or send this email to a friend who needs it! Cheers to another year of success!

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