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Resistance + Vulnerability

I happen to LOVE doing Facebook live videos, and for the life of me...I can't muster up the motivation to email you all as much as I would like to. In fact, I wrote an entire email last week...and it was SO apropos to what I was feeling...and then I never sent it! That brings me to the topic in this blog post I want to bring up...resistance. I know I resist doing things for my business because I want to slow down the inevitable. Life is passing me by so fast...somehow, I think I can slow it down by procrastinating. While there is some truth to that, because we live in such a fast paced world, I know I am mostly just letting opportunities pass me by. Do you ever wonder why in the heck you procrastinate on something you know is so important to your growth and success?! I've gotten familiar with this friend for a while...and I must say...I've found out a few key factors that keep it around. Here are some of them:

  • Fear of being vulnerable

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of being wrong

  • Fear of not being liked

The list of fears goes on...and those fears elicit behaviors like procrastination, avoidance, comparison, over-analyzing, self-judgement, depression, anxiety. In Yiddish we say...OY VEY! This is no way to create success and abundance! But the reality is, most entrepreneurs will face these fears and behaviors. And I became so familiar with them, that I actually created a program to help my fellow entrepreneur sisters out with letting go of all of this un-wanted baggage!! WHEW!! (They say your "mess" is your message...right?!) So here goes the most vulnerable thing I probably have ever done in my life. I sent out an offer for a program over my email list. And I will be honest, you'll probably see plenty more of these emails from me over the next couple of weeks. But I promise I will try to make my emails pithy, entertaining, and motivational in some way. Because I don't want to just be another annoying saleswoman in your inbox. (do you hear the fear in my voice??) I want you to know how much love I have for you all! Seriously...otherwise, I'd just become a virtual project manager for a tech company by now. There are SO MANY benefits to joining this program...but releasing resistance to make way for success in your business, is a BIG ONE! Need I say more?

Message me with questions, shout-outs, love, good vibes... XO,

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