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Are you listening to your higher wisdom?

Being the spiritual geek that I am...let me get real with you, in a woo-woo kind of a way. I think you might find this very fascinating... Do you remember the song Age of Aquarius that came out in the sixties? The lyrics went...“This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius” Welp, the dawning has ended, my friend. The wisdom explains that we have now REACHED the age of Aquarius. Okay, so how does that translate to plain English?!! Allow me to give you a snippet. After about 2,000 years of the Piscean age, which was all about building up infrastructures for the future...we have reached the Aquarian age, which is all about experiential knowledge. Do you ever wonder why it’s becoming popular to talk about mindfulness, being present, ahem...breathing???!!! Haha. Yeah. Everyone needs to learn to breathe now. I know this sounds like a joke, but people are getting curious. People are hungry for understanding WHY all of the sudden their reality is getting shaken up, and they are being forced to look at who they are, and what their experience in life is teaching them. So what do we do about this great shift in consciousness that is asking us to WAKE UP...To finally see that perspective is more important than anything else? Let me ask you, are you aware of a deeper longing inside of yourself, that you have been ignoring? Are there lessons from your life journey that you are ready to apply, enact, or share with others?

If your answer was no, than I invite you to inquire about the unique gifts you've been endowed with through your personality and experiences in life. How can you offer yourself up in service to the world? And, If your answer is yes...then let me know...what's next for you? How are you going to embrace the unique knowlege you have, and offer it out to the world? Cheers to BEING the change,

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