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What They Don't Tell You About Entrepreneurship

I wanted to write this message, first, because it's been TOO long since I wrote one! But second, because I've been noticing the isolation and un-wanted feelings in life, that too often get swept under the rug, and I love being "vulnerageous" with my people. (yes, vulnerable + courageous) Now, I know not ALL of you are entrepreneurs, but MOST of you are. Or you know someone who is. And even if you're not an entrepreneur...I think you'll relate to this. There is a predominate culture in the entrepreneur world calling you to adventure, freedom, living in your power, and making the financial gains in life you have always dreamed of. See...I'm a believer, so I bought into it. With every penny of my savings. Even before I became a web designer and coach, I left my lucrative career path to backpack in India and train to be a yoga teacher. I call this type of move one of a "spirit warrior." I went seeking more in life...because I knew there was more. And I didn't think about how it would impact my 401k, or what might be the consequences. Okay, so allow me to get to the punchline here. What they don't tell you about entrepreneurship is that it is F$%King hard! Yes - I said the F word. I am NOT a Type A personality. You won't see me sending you an email every day, or creating new freebies left and right. I'm not quite sure if I want to cultivate a Facebook community, and getting people to come out to my private events here in the Bay Area feels like pulling teeth. Every consultant and coach out there wants to tell me what I'm doing wrong, and why I haven't made multiple six figures yet. In fact, they will tell me if I do things THEIR way...I will succeed. But what they won't tell me is that on top of the joys and freedom they promise if I invest my life savings...I will also be greeted with depression, the biggest fears of my life, and probably want to turn back for the first few years of my business. I just wish there could be some radical honesty in the coaching world. That doesn't stigmatize depression like the rest of society, rather, tells it like it is. Because it's par for the course. And NO ONE is talking about it. But because I study intuition medicine, I AM talking about it. Because I'm a spirit warrior, I'm talking about it. Something that is really important in my coaching is supporting my clients to get clearer in their intuition, and learn how to slay the inner-demons. Sounds fun, right? I'm excited to lead my clients to the path of their dream life, and I believe the way to it is through acknowledging the shadows. I'm excited to be talking about what is REAL...rather than just promising a pie in the sky.

Keep it real, everyone. XO,

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