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Going Deep Within

As the old idiom matter what we are doing with our lives, the Joneses keep reminding us of what we have yet to accomplish. With the advent of social media, the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” takes on a whole new meaning. Everyday, we see how amazing everyone else’s lives are. Weddings, babies, vacations, new homes, adventures...the list of what we don’t have, and what they do have, goes through our newsfeed at a mile a minute. Even if you don’t use Facebook as much as I do, or you've got a full life with all those still know that deep feeling of comparison that is so human. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Today In the entrepreneurial world, everywhere we turn. coaches and consultants are throwing social media ads at us, promising lifestyles of the rich and famous with a multiple six-figure income. It's easy, they say, if only we follow their formula. They are using basic psychology, to lure us to pay them, with the promise that soon the Joneses will be trying to keep up with us! While I agree that entrepreneurship is the fastest way to growing wealth, and I’m proud to say I’ve taken huge leaps of faith to be one...the greatest reward has not been the monetary gains (although there is much to celebrate there!)The greatest joy has been from the inner work of overcoming fears, finding my strength, and bringing in my power to guide the way! The work of being a solo entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. There are so many opportunities to compare ourselves to what others are doing, to sabotage our success, to limit our thinking and act from fear. It is my mission to get you out of the rat race of "keeping up"...and support you to be in harmony with yourself. I want you to access your inner power, so you can feel good about attracting clients, receiving money, and creating the freedom and abundant lifestyle you are seeking. I've combined my intuitive training with my business background to create an 8-week course for women entrepreneurs, Business Flow for Women. The purpose of this course is to be in touch with your inner-experience and clear out any resistance that may be holding you back. You will do this inner-reflection alongside business strategy and implementation, so that the experience of running your business is one of pleasure and satisfaction. When you reach deep within and realize your inner resource, the flow of abundance and love will come! If this lights you up, then join this amazing cohort of entrepreneurial womenwho are ready to break free of what is holding them back in business! (men..this offering will come for you soon! For now, please forward to any women entrepreneurs who you think would love this work!)

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