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What Clients Are Saying

About Working with Halley

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Kimberly Buchanon

Health & Wellness Coach

After just a couple of calls with Halley, I felt more confident about and in tune with my vision for my business. She helped me really think about what was holding me back and how to move past it. With a short meditation, a few simple exercises to do on my own, and Halley holding space for me to explore my thoughts, I felt more and more clarity each time we talked. She made a huge difference in the business shifts I made last year.


Dana Becker

Licensed Acupuncture & Herbalist

I am really grateful for the way Halley helped me think about my business in a new way.  She helped me approach my blocks around making money and helped me believe in myself. She really provided the support and tools I needed to get started with my acupuncture business



Jess Critchlow

Business Consultant for 

Digital Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur it is extra difficult to separate life from business - and Halley's program addressed both in one brilliant swoop!  I feel much clearer on what needs to shift in my business, my next actions, and how to go forward, and have already been contacted by a new client! 


Jen Harrison

Media Producer & Event Planner

Halley is an incredibly strategic thinker with a great business mind. She’s an excellent facilitator, is super organized, and is a willing and adept teacher. More than that, though, she’s deeply rooted in her own spiritual truth, understanding, and practices that guide her strategic approach. It’s with that power and mysticism that she’ll help you break through what’s holding you back and find growth in your personal and professional life. I highly recommend working with Halley!


Catriona Horey

Executive Coach

On returning from maternity leave to my leadership, life and nature coaching work, I went into a bit of a learning frenzy and signed up to a number of courses. By far and away the best one was Halley Bass's. Halley is a woman who is wise beyond her years, intelligent, marketing savvy, kind, funny, intuitive and expansive and it was a pleasure joining her calls each week.

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Nathalie Savell

Step Mom Coach & Licensed Therapist

Halley has an amazing understanding of human experience. Her care and wisdom show in every conversation.  She also helped me parcel out my thoughts and organize my newsletter content, and gave me great feedback about marketing that I continue to use. She knows her stuff when it comes to the business, and is a great coach!

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