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Wealthy Wise Women's Mastermind


Transform Your Personal Development Journey Into A Profitable Mission-Driven Business

A 12-month business incubator for women,
combining trainings and coaching on:

business strategy + mindset + energy healing

+ intuitive practices

Transform Your Hero's Journey Into Your Message
Create Clear Intentions + Take Courageous Action

Magnetize Money & Aligned Opportunities


 It's time you become the sought-after wisdom carrier

that your soul came here to claim.

Are you ready to have your most financially abundant year?

This year-long mastermind group will touch on four essential areas for you to
claim your authority, express yourself authentically in business, and start earning the income you desire, all while doing the inner-work to heal essential wounds that will allow you to become known as the creative & powerful leader that you are meant to be.

Business Strategy

Define Your Audience
Claim Your Marketing Platform
Clarify Your Messaging
Own Your Offerings
Structure Your Sales Process

Map Your Plan



Release Limiting Beliefs

Let go of Old Versions of You
Focus on Winning Outcomes
Get Specific on Desires
 Master the Law of Attraction

Live the Story you Want to Tell

Energy Healing

Access Your Unique Life Force

Release Anxiety & Other People's Energy

Protect Your Aura

Ground into Security with Earth Energy

Work with Your Chakra Centers

Activate Your Power Center



Connect to Your Inner-Sanctuary
Find your Voice of Wisdom
Learn to Trust Your Higher Self
Release The Need to Please Others
Attune with Source Power

Build Capacity for Presence with Clients

I've been in the trenches, women! I created this program out of the pieces that were missing along my business mentorship journey.  Finally a program that marries all the parts of your mind, spirit, & soul that want to come along for the ride. 

Dear Wealthy Wise Woman,

You have deep soul gifts that you are already offering to the world, but I hear that you would like to be earning more income doing what you love, so you can see your vision to fruition, and help more people who need what you've got to offer.

Maybe you aspire to have your own podcast, give a Ted Talk, or just want to reach more people with your knowledge and wisdom. 

But somewhere down the line, someone you love told you that you’re crazy for following your heart or they misunderstood your work.

Being the sensitive soul that you are, you took it to heart, and now you know you’re playing it small to minimize rejection or protect yourself from being called out as a total fraud.

Despite knowing your future audience is waiting to hear your message, you feel a bit hidden in your own shadow, even though you’ve done so much work on yourself!

Are you ready to break this pattern, and start to show up in your business fully expressed and owning your expansive, magnetic energy?

Does This Sound Familiar?

Consciously, you've made up stories in your mind and convinced yourself of the “facts”


  • It’s not the right time quite yet...

  • Once I have the master plan... 

  • If I could just get that exact clarity...

  • First, I need to______, and then I can...


Here’s the thing, sister.


None of this is true unless you believe it. You get to decide what to believe, and where to focus your plans, your thoughts, your energy.


Are you going to argue for your limitations or for your greatness?

Are you ready to BE the leader you know you can be?  To show up more fully for your business, for your audience, and  most importantly for yourself?

The future is NOW.

The planet needs YOU...NOW!  The Earth needs you to be strong and rise, yesterday! Your audience needs you NOW.  Not in three to five years.  
Not in your future. NOW.  The future begins NOW.

So what do ya say?  Are you IN for the best year of your life?!

I have been honored to coach some amazing women, and here is what they have said:

You are not here to do business as usual.
You are here as a change agent.

The clarity you are seeking is already inside of you waiting for you to fully trust it. You are here to stir things up and change the status quo. The challenges you face are meant to help your soul to grow—they give you the strength to tell your story of triumph and serve those who are meant to follow your leadership.

You’ve totally got this — and I’m here to help. 


Hi, I'm Your Coach, Halley Claire

I have spent the last decade of my life as a highly-sensitive woman in the wild of this world, following my inner-guidance, getting lost in the unknown, and continuing to take courageous action to better myself so that I can teach others.

Even when I tried to follow the mainstream structures of society, my soul would always prevail and send me back to the wild mystery to create my own path.

Caroline Lewis
MFT, Coach &
Energy Healer

I could not recommend a more intuitive, dedicated, and thoughtful coach. I had an idea of how I wanted to grow my business, and Halley immediately helped me gain the confidence to do so. We created a map together so I could finally put my dreams into action. She also provided helpful advice and follow up on how to keep my projects flowing. Halley is unique in that she works intuitively with her clients, and I felt that she just got me in a way that I haven't experienced with other business coaches. I feel so much more empowered after working with her.

—Caroline Lewis, Root Awareness

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 9.52.13 PM.png
Jess Critchlow
Coach & Consultant

As an entrepreneur it is extra difficult to separate life from business - and Halley's program addressed both in one brilliant swoop! Exploring the chakra energy systems, how they show up in my life, how that impacts my business - what a different lens to view my business from, and a really impactful one!

—Jess Critchlow, Light Up Work

Kim Baur
Certified Nutrition Health Coach & Chef Instructor
Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 9.45.17 PM.png

Halley's energy and passion for sharing her knowledge and inspiring women was awesome to experience throughout working with her. Learning how to correlate the Chakras to business was a super fun way to get more in tune with goals for my business and our one-on-one session was also very valuable with supportive, positive guidance. I feel reignited after completing her program and highly recommend working with Halley Bass! 

—Kim Baur, Stepping Stone Wellness

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 10.06.01

We all know that meditation doesn't pay the bills

But all biz strategy and no soul can also leave the empathic entrepreneur feeling restless and defeated.  You need to do the soul work and the business work at the same time. These processes are inextricable. 


The Wealthy Wise Women's Mastermind is for the empathic, spiritually-guided, courageous, Earth-loving mama—you have tried other business programs that have not filled your cup.

Here is The Breakdown

This is a year-long program, because if there is something you are committed to bringing into fruition, then a year will be just long enough for you to create a super strong foundation of business structures, positive belief patterns, and a clear map that honors your soul and spirit's direction.

Two LIVE 90-Minute Group Calls Per Month
These calls will include a combination of advanced trainings on business strategy, intuition practice, energy healing, and mindset.  Some calls will have detailed trainings and others will be exclusively for coaching. Recordings will be made available within the private Facebook group.
Access to the private Facebook Group
This is the space where you can get support from Halley and all members of the mastermind in between our group calls. Halley will frequently be inside the group providing feedback on the weekly prompts, responding to your creative inquiries, and supporting you through your challenges.
Weekly Exercises to Execute
Halley will be providing journaling prompts and practical exercises to support you with your business goals and progress in the program. You can use the Facebook group to share your progress and receive feedback.


  • Scripts for market research and sacred sales calls

  • Templates for website layout and copy support

  • Social media marketing calendar

  • Meditation Recordings

  • Additional worksheets and handouts

  • Two 1:1 Sessions with Halley

Bonus for Pay-In-Full

  • One 3 hour VIP session ($1500 value)


Group Program

Join the year-long group program mastermind, and get all the perks of being a part of the group!




Join the year-long group program mastermind, receive all the perks of being part of our group, plus - receive additional 1:1 private sessions with Halley.

Two Tiers of Access

For you, a consistent commitment to growing your business and sharing your message is the ultimate path to awakening. You know you’ve got what it takes, and you are tired of hoping and dreaming for that future version of you.  Now is the time to let you shine!

The Course Map Uniquely Follows The Chakra System —Marrying Business Strategy with the key themes of inner-awareness and healing that are needed to grow and sustain yourself and your business to great heights.

This program is holistic in nature —it gets to the core of your being, gleaning lifelong insights that support your soul to be a strong leader and change maker in the world.
  • You will access the essential business steps to create a signature brand and offer that is clear and brings in consistent income.
  • You will pave the way to market your business to attract the right clients, and authentically sell your services.
  • You will gain the tools to heal the parts of yourself that are still playing small, and become aware of the root cause of your resistance so that you can move forward with ease and grace. 
  • You will embody your intuitive power—aligning all the parts of you with your successful business.
  • You will learn to protect your energy field and release other people's energy from your system so that you don't feel drained by working with clients or being in the spotlight.
  • You will be fully and completely in ownership of your energy field so that you can take up space, become a strong leader, and influence your results.
  • You will consistently be out in the world sharing your hero's journey  and growing your audience, so that you can truly make an impact through your mission-driven business.

Space is limited.  Only 10 spots will be available for this cohort, because we will go deep and get intimate.

A Few More Words of Encouragement from Women who Have Worked with Me:

Still Need to Add FAQS

Brough Johnson
CEO of Tech Company

Halley greatly supported me in working on my money mindset and working on strategies to support myself and my business. With the help of her marketing skillset, she was also more than happy to help hone any communications messaging I was working on. Her ideas were great and I continue to use her language in our messaging today

—Brough Johnson, Narrative Muse

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 2.54.54 AM.png
Catriona Horey
Leadership, Life & Nature Coach

In my mind, Halley's unique talent lies in combining what could be seen as "traditional" and "alternative" ways of working. The resulting learning experience really resonated with me - it was rich, insightful, fun and motivating. I came away from her program having taken important action in different areas of my business and life and embedded new ways of thinking. Six months on, business has never been better!

—Catriona Horey, With Catriona

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 3.00.47 AM.png
Dana Becker
Certified Accupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner

I am really grateful for the way Halley helped me think about my business in a new way.  She helped me approach my blocks around making money and helped me believe in myself. She really provided the support and tools I needed to get started with my acupuncture business.

—Dana Becker,  Empowered Accupuncture

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 3.11.51 AM.png

Is This Program Right For You?


  • You are dedicated to personal growth and taking care of yourself.  You are ready to see that consistent attention on your business is the next level of self-care.
  • You have a business and you are currently seeing clients, but you are not yet generating the income you desire. 
  • You are ready to get clear with your offering so that you can take control of your business and bring in consistent income.
  • You are already an entrepreneur earning income giving your gifts, but you want to hone your message so that you can genuinely shine through your website content and all the places you share your story. 
  • You know you are a sensitive soul, and that may be preventing you from being more visible.  You are ready to be more courageous, and know that being held in a supportive community of like-minded change makers can definitely help.
  • You want to be more of an influencer and grow your audience, and you are ready to make a consistent commitment to growing your platform and doing the work to build your following.
  • You are ready to own your soul gifts and claim your wisdom in your field of expertise.  It's your time to bring all of yourself into your message, and start selling yourself as the professional that you are.
  • You know that you are a boss and where you focus your energy your life will go, so you are ready to finally make a consistent commitment to following your intuition in business.


  • You prefer to absorb all the freebies out there and see if you can piece-meal your way to success
  • You are committed to your beliefs that money, time, and resources are scarce and you will need to work really hard to be successful.
  • You want to keep waiting for the right time or the right circumstance to give you permission to invest in your business.
  • You prefer to avoid taking risks and you want to stay in your comfort zone where it's cozy and comfy.
  • You want to think your way through the world, and don't believe in magic.
  • You think that running a business is all about strategy, and you are not interested in doing the inner-work to break through your resistance, and align your energy.

Still Have Questions?


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